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Dont miss this one.....

HOVERPALOOZA!!!   Come and be a part of what many pilots described as the best Fly in of the Year!!!!



The following events are scheduled for DATE through DATE. Please CALL / EMAIL us at PHONE NUMBER / EMAIL ADDRESS for more information.


We have a bunch to offer during the event.  Here is a brief overview:

  1. Free Camping  No Hookups
  3. Demos by the Professional Pilots.   Many sponsored pilots attend.   Extreme Flight and AJ aircraft are always well represented.
  4. Extreme Flight Plane Raffle
  5. Many other raffle items
  6. Hover Wall Test your skills and nerves on the Hoverwall
  7. World record mass hover.    Be part of the record this year.
  8. FPV course and some friendly racing
  9. One trick contest Saturday under the lights
  10. Night Flying      Light towers bring flying after dark.
  11. Music all day
  12. Food provided by great vendors.
  13. Fireworks and Demo by Two of the best:    Noah Hartley and Tavis Newman
  14. IF we are lucky Matt Kozub will bring his 3D Jet and his massive Bi Plane.  
  15. Tavis Newman, Chris Haas, Adam Masterson, Jase Dussia, Ashleigh Heath,Tyler Mccormick,Corey Winter, Noah Hartley, Cale Miller has all put in amazing demos at this event.   I have received confirmation on most of them attending again this year.  Hopefully they all come.......    We love having them.
  16. Each year attendance grows and so does the level of flying.
  17. Spectators welcome
  18. Hoverpalooza T-Shirts and swag will be available.
  19. This will be the best one yet dont miss it!!!!!!
  20. Laid back enviroment where all levels of flying takes place.
  21. Large open area, Field long enough to take the big boys and jets as well.
  22. Hotels info available: just give us a call 

AUG 3rd,4th,5th,6th



DESCRIPTION  Open Format 1/4 scale Fun Fly

CONTACT NAME Travis Saffell 740-605-9392